Industry solutions

Source: Rüdiger Nehmzow, DB AG

DB SCHENKERaeroparts

Air freight service for the aerospace industry

DB SCHENKERaeroparts is a logistics service specially geared towards the needs of the aerospace industry, offering tailored service packages.

Source: DB AG

DB SCHENKERmarineparts

Express support for ships

DB SCHENKERmarineparts is a special logistics service for global parts supply to ships. It includes features such as order processing, procurement, inventory monitoring, project management and bid, flexible shipping.

Source: DB AG

DB SCHENKERfashion&retail

From Factory to Floor

DB SCHENKERfashion&retail is a logistics service with tailor-made solutions specially designed for the fashion industry.

Source: Rüdiger Nehmzow

DB SCHENKERjetcargofresh

Air freight service for fresh goods

With our DB SCHENKERjetcargofresh we provide a seamless, time-defined and cost-effective air freight solution for perishable consumer goods.

Source: Rüdiger Nehmzow

DB SCHENKERhealthcare

Air freight service for fresh goods

With DB SCHENKERhealthcare we offer special solutions for sensitive cargo that requires special handling and monitoring along the entire transport chain within a temperature-controlled environment.

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