Fairs & Exhibitions

Trade fair logistics from a single source

At fairs, you show your expertise. We support you.

The comprehensive exhibition service of Schenker, organizes for any business worldwide the exhibition in total.

Starting with the transport of the exhibits and stand building material from the point of origin up to the stand manual, with forklifts and crane. Furthermore, we organize handling of empties and all formalities including customs clearance.

For the fairs’ preparation, we provide you with:

  • Transportation of the exhibits by land, sea and air
  • Packaging of the goods
  • Management of administrative and customs formalities
  • Consulting services on insurance

Once at the exhibition, our services include:

  • Delivery and assembly of the exhibits and stand building material
  • Unpacking of the goods and storage of the empties
  • Supply with publicity material
  • Dismantling and handling of the return to origin, or on-forwarding to any other destination

In this way, DB Schenker South Africa shows the world its excellence and competence at every fair and exhibition – as well as the best of our customers.

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