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In a world full of ideas you need a partner full of possibilities.

A perfect and completely organized teamwork of all participating partners for the organization of successful events, both national and international.

Organizing an event all participating partners does have one common goal – to make this event to a unique happening. In the area of event- and sport logistics Schenker offers you for your requirements coordinated transport- and logistics solutions.

Whether Soccer World Cup or the Olympic Games, international sailing championships or world-class athletic competitions: no top flight sporting events can take place without perfect logistics! Whether in Germany, China, Greece, Japan, the US or South Africa, Schenker is on the ball in 150 countries around the globe.

SCHENKERglobalsportsevents specializes in logistics for international sporting events. From planning, coordination and organization of logistics services of all types-SCHENKERglobalsportsevents is in a league of its own.

Go for gold in sports and events logistics

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