Customised logistics for quality beverages

Our expertise in beverage transportation and logistics translates into solutions that ensure precious, sensitive freight such as wine, liquor, beer and other beverages reach their destination safe and sound.

Our specialised teams work across key countries developing services customised for the transportation of beverages. We also handle time-sensitive shipments, like those required for Beaujolais Nouveau or limited-time promotions.

Our beverages clients, in South Africa and world wide include:

  • Wine makers;
  • Spirits producers;
  • Breweries;
  • Soft-drink manufacturers;
  • Fruit juice manufacturers; and
  • Bottled water producers

We provide our customers’ with comprehensive global door-to-door import and export services. These services extend to all modes of transportation including ocean, land and air. The emissions along the entire delivery chain are calculated and the supply chain is optimised to limit environmental impact.

Our key service offerings to the beverage industry include:

  • Special packaging (flexi-bags) and protection (ISO tank containers) for high quality liquid freight;
  • Temperature controlled storage;
  • Secure racked and bulk warehouse storage;
  • Stock control and dispatch using FIFO principles;
  • Cross-docking  of containerised product;
  • Tracking and tracing per production batch;
  • Bulk distribution of palletised product;
  • Customs documentation, certification and labelling;
  • Shipping EMCS procedures (within the EU);
  • Customs clearance;
  • Ocean container import and export for FCL and LCL;
  • Air freight import and export
  • Deliveries of samples or small orders.

Transportation and Logistics