Mining – Minerals & Commodities

Specialist logistics solutions for the coal, steel and power generation industries. 

Our expertise in the mining sector, together with the flexible and reliable solutions we design, allow mining and commodity producers to rely on secure planning and a continuous supply of products and materials.

As the mining and commodities industry stretches further across countries and continents we design new logistics concepts that meet the expectations and deliverables of the value chain . We offer our clients’ innovative, cost-effective transport solutions that address any fluctuations or changes in the market place.

Our global mining sector clients (incorporating emerging economies such as CIS, China, Sub-Saharan Africa, India and Brazil) include:

  • Steel works (ore, coal, lime and scrap metal);
  • Steel manufacturing (coils, structures, pipes, cast items, oversized sheet metals)
  • Heavy industry;
  • Mines and commodities
  • Raw materials;
  • Energy component producers;
  • Power plants (across Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa);

Reliable planning to ensure our clients’ are assured of continuous supply is of paramount importance to us and our global clients in the energy sector benefit from DB Schenker’s logistics experience and our multimodal transport services. Our experience combined with a pool of 42,000 freight cars and an interconnected transport network enables us to organise transport chains from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods. Our numerous railports and rail logistics centres across Europe allow the best possible combination of rail, road and shipping routes – even at times of highly fluctuating demand. This allows us to deliver shorter, more regular transit times with improved cost-effectiveness and higher customer satisfaction.

Our sales representatives work with our clients to develop specific transport and logistics solutions (regardless of load size), including special rail and road solution concepts, that are tailored to meet precise requirements, for example:

  • Reliable provision of empty freight cars, trucks and/or trailers;
  • Freight car chassis guarantee;
  • Scrap supply management;
  • Provision and use of special freight cars and vehicles; and
  • Industry-specific production concepts (for example for the automotive industry).

Transportation and Logistics